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 Why are there no more spellpower swords? 
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Inscrit le : 22 sept. 17
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MessageSujet: Why are there no more spellpower swords?   Heure du post :lun. 9 oct. 17 - 12:02

I have yet to see a cataclysm sp sword and this makes me sad, especially now that transmogrification is out and there are so many awsome swords with awsome looks out there.
Afaik all casters can use daggers so thats why most caster loot are daggers, priests and shamans can use maces so there are a few maces, and mages andwarlocks can use swords which are no longer present.
So it seems like mages and locks gott the short end of the stick here, sure there are more daggers and staffs now to compensate but i think most of uswould prefer a sword by a lare margain, Gandalf FTW

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