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 NEW LIST: New price!!!!!!!!! 
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MessageSujet: NEW LIST: New price!!!!!!!!!   Heure du post :lun. 20 mai 13 - 18:53

All items available at www.bonesbrigaderecords.com -> GrindShop

Compact Disc

CD AFGRUND “Corporatocracy” (Swe/Fin) 7,99 Euros

"Corporatocracy" is the follow up to last year's "The Age of Dumb" from this harsh and Grindcore crew.and cover songs of Splattered Cadavers (Repulsion), Shadows (Nasum), The Nightmare Continues (Discharge).

Split CD AGUIRRE / GUEVNNA (Fra/Jap) 6,99 Euros

New sludge tracks from Bordeaux / New ex-Coffins singer Ryo’s band! Expect Slow Doom Darkness!

Double CD COFFINS “Ancient Torture” (Jap) 12 Euros

A definitive collection of Coffins split releases, compilation and vinyl only track. Features stunning artwork and layout by Mark and Mike Riddick. Ultime Doom Death.

CD COFFINS “Buried Death” (Jap) 7,99 Euros

On their 3rd album (recorded in 2008) Tokyo-Japan’s Coffins are firmly established as the underground’s leading purveyors of Neanderthal paced Doomed Death Metal!!

CD COKE BUST “Confined / Anthology” (US) 5.99 Euros

Pissed off Blasting Hardcore! New songs of pure energy boost!
and split and ep tracks as bonus!

CD MACABRE “Gloom” (US) 7,99 Euros

Classic Reissue, 21 (+ 6 bonus ) tracks of pure Madness!!! Call it Grind, Punk, Hardcore… whatever!!! It’s Psycho violence in your face!!!

CD MACABRE “Grim reality” (US) 7.99

Classic by Chicago’s most notorious band MACABRE….originally released in 1987!!!

CD MAYHEM “De mysteriis dom satanas / Deathcrush” (Nor) 7,99 Euros

Black Metal Classic!

Split CD MORBID / MAYHEM (Nor) 7,99 Euros

Black Metal Classic!

Digipack NAUSEA “Crime against humanity” (US) 10 Euros

Grindcore classic re-issue, limited to 500 digipacks! High speed blasting with a slow, plodding heaviness that makes for an interesting intense ride.

CD PHOBIA “Remnants of Flesh” (US) 7,99 Euros

New Album, Pure Anger, Pure hate, Pure Grind!! This is a masterpiece of Pissed off core!!!

CD PHOBIA “22 Random acts of violence” (US) 7,99 Euros

Classic of fastness!!! Grinding riffs and raging vocals!

CD PHOBIA “Cruel” (US) 7,99 Euros

Back in stock!! Grind Classic!!!

CD SATYRICON “The Shadowthrone” (Nor) 7,99 Euros

Black Metal classic!

Double CD SIGH “Scorn Defeat” (Jap) 12 Euros

As a double-CD comes the classic Sigh “Scorn Defeat” album in top sound (re-mastered) with the "Requiem for Fools” EP and the songs from their split with Kawir on the first disc added as extra, the second CD has Sigh’s compilation tracks and their demos. This is an album any self-respecting black metal fans should own.

CD SKITSYSTEM “Enkel resa till rannstenen” (Swe) 7,99 Euros

Originally released in November 2001, this classic record was recorded by Mieszko Talarzyk of NASUM, Pure dose of Pissed off fast Crust!!

7” EP

Split EP DYSMORFIC / DEATH ON/OFF (100% Ita) 4 Euros

Sick Grindcore Anger! / Fast Old School Grind!!

12” LP & 10”

Split LP AGUIRRE / GUEVNNA (Fra/Jap) 10 Euros

New sludge tracks from Bordeaux / New ex-Coffins singer Ryo’s band! Expect Slow Doom Darkness!

CD Version on Bones Brigade Records.

Pic LP COFFINS “Sacrifice to evil spirit” (Jap) 12 Euros

Limited Picture version.

LP NARCOSIS “Heart slows down” (UK) 10 Euros

Math-Grind fury!! Back in stock, Lp from 2001, the last chance to complete your Narcosis collection

Split LP Gatefold TEETHING / RAVAGE RITUAL (Spa/fin) 10 Euros

Fast old School Grind / Sludgy-Breakdown and Ultra Fast Hardcore-Grind, Awesome split!

if you need more details, informations etc..
please use: info@bonesbrigaderecords.com


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MessageSujet: Re : NEW LIST: New price!!!!!!!!!   Heure du post :ven. 1 nov. 13 - 15:42

Shop on line new articles Noothgush, Coffins, Afgrund, Yacopsae

Everything available and many more on http://grindshop.bonesbrigaderecords.com/

Compact Disc

CD AFGRUND “The age of dumb” (Fin-Swe) 10 Euros
New Album, Pure Swedish Grindcore with killer sound and great inspirations!!!

CD GRIEF “Come to grief” (US) 10 Euros
Classic sludge/doom release, Come To Grief. Originally released in 1994, reissue features expanded artwork and an unreleased track the band recorded for a horror movie.

Gore Grind live recordings and studio for N.V.

This time on CD format, Total Grind and stop and go violence!!

Split CD NOOTHGRUSH / COFFINS (US/Jap) 13,50 Euros
Import from Japan, 100% new material from both bands, sludge and massive heavy Doom! A Must!

CD SKULLHOG “The evil dead” (Nl) 8 Euros
Pure Old School Death, Massive drums, Dirty riffs and no pity vocals!! That’s what you deserve!
It’s like listening to Autopsy, Coffins, Celtic Frost and Necrophagia in the same time!! With member of many bands like Inhume, Bile, Insult etc…

7” EP

A must and back in stock!

Grindcore + Onslaught cover / Grindcore + Motorhead cover

EP YACOPSAE “Krank ist normal” (Ger) 4,20 Euros
For their 21th anniversary YACÖPSAE shoot their debut 7“ „Krank ist normal“ again. New recordings of 2010, done in 3 man line up.
A usual brutal wall of sound.

12” LP & 10”

3 Way Split 10” ACxDC / MAGNUM FORCE / SEX PRISONER (100% US) 10 Euros
Each band provide their best material to date. The record sports a gorgeous b-side etching , second press white vinyl.

LP AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE “Relief” (Australia) 12 Euros
Awesome new album! One of the most crazy Tortured Grind in Australia, for fans of Discordance Axis, Narcosis etc…

LP ARKANGEL “s/t” (Bel-Fra) 11 Euros
Second album, first time on vinyl. Dark and killer riffs for a brutal and full of hate metal Hardcore. For fans of Kickback, Crawlspace!

10” BACKSLIDER “Consequences” (US) 10 Euros
Backslider return with a 10" packed with powerviolence in the same vein as Iron Lung and Weekend Nachos.

LP LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY “The sound of rancid juices sloshing around your coffin” (Nl) 12 Euros
Gore Grind Classic!! No Porn, No Bullshit!! First time on Vinyl.

LP LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY “Human atrocity” (Nl) 10 Euros
Demo repress on Vinyl, limited edition.

LP MAGRUDERGRIND “Rehashed” (US) 12 Euros
Grindcore Masterpiece, Pure anger and blast intensity!

Gatefold LP MONARCH “Omens” (Fra) 12 Euros
New Album. Awesome funeral drone with haunting vocals!! A Must of pure darkness!

LP PHOBIA “Remnants of Filth” (US) 10 Euros
New Album, Pure Anger, Pure hate, Pure Grind!! This is a masterpiece of Pissed off core!!!

LP P.L.F. “Devious persecution and wholesale slaughter” (US) 12 Euros
New Album, If you are a fan of the groove and the fast, then this album is for you, Great drumming by a great grindcore drummer!

LP SENSELESS APOCALYPSE “Unpolluted” (Jap) 10 Euros
Second album of this Japanese Power Violence / Fastcore veterans with 25 furious tracks recorded in 2008. First time on vinyl.

LP THE KILL “Make ‘em Suffer” (Australia) 12 Euros
Amazing album, fast and pure grind energy, don’t miss it!!

LP YACOPSAE “Tanz, grosny, tanz…” (Ger) 11 Euros
Back in stock! Ultra Turbo Violence!! A Must!

Cassette / Tape

Tape PIZZA HI FIVE “Oh, no! It’s…” (US) 3.50 Euros
Vinyl collection 2010-2012, Grind and pure energy!

Split Tape TAKASHI OHKAWA / POWERCUP (Pol/Can) 3.50 Euros
Noise / Grindcore. Split features live tracks from Powercup's European tour and HNW from Takashi Ohkawa. Limited to 150 copies

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